"I love to see the power and connection with assisting someone to see their light..."

When someone decides they want to better themselves, or they want to change how they are feeling.. THAT IS POWERFUL!

It is absolute magic, to be apart of the process, and to see the unveiling of their own awareness that brings them into a new state of lightness and consciousness… BOOM!

It is with great honour, that I offer the below packages to work with people that wish to go deeper, to see themselves as who they truly are and really uncover the joy that lies within.  

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Deep Dive

Take 1.5hrs to dive deep into your being and find the loose cord(s) that creates feelings of anxiety and separation, longing, doubt, and fear. But above all reconnect with the real you. Your true essence, your awesome. I promise you that you will leave our time together feeling Connected and Home.


What other people have to say

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Thank you so much Beanie for helping me on Wednesday. This weekend I was able to approach my family with nothing but love and every time my mum made a sh*t comment at me I was able to not bite or respond and she eventually stopped making them.
I am truly having an awakening of sorts with all of this work. It is a journey well worth continuing on.
I know that you will not be surprised to learn that I felt huge shifts in my being during and after our session. Things just shifted and I don’t "have to do any work" to feel peaceful, spacious and really connected to myself since then.
I’ve been working on my cptsd for three years now, solidly investigating and searching for some relief, running the full range of supplements, meditation, reike, trips interstate to try and find the help to heal me. After 90 minutes with Beanie I have found my way, I’m going to be ok. Thanks Beanie for your vision and solutions for me. It’s almost unbelievable.
I can’t wait to
work with you.
Beanie xx Coral
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