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Learning Difficulties / Behavioural Problems

Bailey is 8 and has been diagnosed with Dyslexia and Auditory Processing disorder. After 2 years of specialists, a tutor and many learning programs I felt like I was climbing a hill and was never going to make it to the top. I had spent up to $10,000 dollars and still was not getting the results that I knew Bailey had the potential to achieve. This is where our kinesiology sessions with Beanie began. I saw immediate results in his reading. I had not told the school I was going and they had remarked also about the improvement in his reading. I have seen my son make more progress in 3 months than what he has at almost 3 years at school. He is nearly at the required level for reading, he no longer reverses numbers and he seems to have a clearer mind. Beanie has been great with Bailey and he loves going, in his words she’s pretty cool. I definitely would recommend Beanie to anyone who has a child with a learning disorder to give it a go, I think it is the best thing that I have done so far for Bailey.


Beanie, I just wanted to leave a little note to thank you for showing me happiness again, instilling hope and bringing me out of the darkest place Ive been. At a time where I could not control my compulsive thought patterns and emotions you opened my mind up to the world of the possibility of peace. It has been the most magical and exciting journey and I would not be here today had I not found you. Thank you.


Balance, peace and clarity concerning a range of personal, emotional and spiritual issues.

Beanie's Client

Beanies caring and friendly personality made me feel relaxed and at ease. Thank you so much Beanie for being the vehicle which has allowed me to grow and prosper into a bigger and better version of me. Working with you was the best investment I gave to myself.

Beanie's Client

Pain Management / Emotional Wellbeing

After struggling for over six months with widespread and severe pain, chronic headaches, depression, anxiety, brain fog, gastrointestinal problems and other problems, a few short sessions with you has given me my life back. I never realised the psychological components behind why I was ill, and how past and childhood trauma contributed to so much sickness in my body. Because of you I was able to start the road to recovery. I am now able to live my life with more authenticity and honesty than ever before. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to gain awareness, appreciation and love for who I am!


Weight loss / Nutrition 

I am so lucky to have met Beanie. I never believed that losing weight and feeling this good was ever possible. I have lost over 36 kilos and still going. I thought I ate well before and I exercised 4 times a week. I honestly just believed I had a large body type. After doing Kinesiology and testing up different things that my body didnt need I only had to make a few adjustments to my lifestyle and diet and here I am. I would highly recommend Beanie for anyone struggling with their weight loss or any goal!

Beanie's Client

Sports Performance

Thank you for helping me to reach my full potential during the Cross fit Sectionals. Before our Kinesiology session, I knew I wasnt giving it 100%. I would leave a competition disappointed in myself as I felt I would let self-doubt take over. Adding to my frustration was a painful shoulder injury which was developing.

After the session with you, I left with increased flexibility in my shoulder, higher self-awareness and a renewed sense of balance & confidence in my ability.

My shoulder injury has now abated and Im heading to Sydney to compete in the Australian CrossFit Regionals. But before I go Ill be heading back to see you first, my secret weapon!


Sports Performance

I have been achieving much greater results in the gym, with new PBs in over-head squats, clean & snatch and power clean & jerk. My mobility has also improved and is notably commented on frequently by my coaches and peers.

Thank you again Beanie and keep up the great work!!


General Wellbeing

As a creative person, I have found kinesiology so helpful for breaking down patterns of limiting behaviour. It has helped me with confidence and clearing blocks. Since working with Beanie there have been significant improvements in my state of mind, confidence and reaching my largest goals. It’s surprising how quickly things can be resolved. I would recommend Beanie to anyone looking to change direction, improve productivity and confidence. Kinesiology also gives a feeling of relaxation and de-stressing, a welcomed time out from busy schedules.


Since working with Beanie I have been amazed at the clarity and growth that each treatment has bought me. Beanies compassionate but no bs approach creates a safe place for real transformation. I would recommend her treatment for anyone wanting new insight into old problems.


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Beanie xx Coral