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Conquer Mind F*ckery & Dance with your Soul


The fear is real. I know because everyone feels it, including me. But instead of hiding from it, I’m going to teach you to embrace it. To alchemise it into useful, powerful energy in action.

If not now then when??? And why not?

If you want to stop the perpetuating pain cycles in your life – fear, doubt, shame, judgement, fear of judgement, failure, hopelessness OR just wanting to feel better, super productive, on top of the world, on point or in flow and deeply connected. 

Then shoot on through to see if today is your day to Conquer Mind F*uckery and Dance with your Soul.

About Beanie

Self professed child at heart, emotional beast and lover of life. In short, that about sums me up. 

So why am I here? Why do I do what I do?

It is my Dharma in this lifetime to assist as many beautiful humans as possible to not only see their truth, their worth, their greatness. But also to live in a no bullshit, unapologetic, caring, compassionate and mostly wholesome, awakened life! I’m talking about a life where you live without anxiety, without self doubt, without the words of others swimming around in your head and definitely without the shrinking and the hiding.

I know it all too well. You see I lived with what I call ‘Mind F*ckery’ for the majority of my life. There were messages and stories constantly popping up in my mind to tell me I couldn’t. So I didn’t because I couldn’t. 

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Golden dots random
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I couldn’t see that healing from 20 years of anxiety was a powerhouse medal of courage, determination and that I had in essence conquered my mind f*ckery to be here today. But it wasn’t that fast for me. Through unhealed abuse, which led to PTSD and OCD symptoms and then onto self medicating substance abuse to create the escape from this monster that my mind was telling me I was.

Until I flipped my life upside down.

From there came awakening after awakening. I had no idea I could feel this free. It was only 5 years prior that I was deciding whether I took my own life or changed the anxious mess that I woke up in every day.  

This was it!!! I had to teach as many people as possible that they can feel better, connected and free. And now, with over 2000 clients transmuted into fluffy unicorns. I mean balanced and living life in alignment to their truest potential. I feel I’m in the right place to help you. 

Ps I’m also a qualified Kinesiologist, Rehab Trainer, Sound Healer, Teacher and Mentor

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Kinesiology looks for the cause of the problem and not just treating a symptom. Because Kinesiology has such a holistic approach to healing, the process can cover a wide range of techniques to correct and heal imbalances in the body.

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Sound Healing

Sound healing has been used in ancient cultures for thousands of years, from chanting, to singing bowls, gongs, drums, didgeridoos and more… In modern times all of these ancient cultural instruments have been brought together to create sound healing session that are truly magical. 

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Energy Worker

We are all made up of energy!!! The body has energy systems both within it and around it. Including Chakras, Meridians, Auric fields, our innate energy connection as part of the unified field. Keeping these systems in balance and flow is paramount to staying healthy and happy

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Teacher & Speaker

Feeling in need of a little guidance or mentoring. Or perhaps you’d like to bring some of my teachings to your next event… get in touch for more info. 

What other people have to say

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Ripped green paper
Thank you so much Beanie for helping me on Wednesday. This weekend I was able to approach my family with nothing but love and every time my mum made a sh*t comment at me I was able to not bite or respond and she eventually stopped making them.
I am truly having an awakening of sorts with all of this work. It is a journey well worth continuing on.
I know that you will not be surprised to learn that I felt huge shifts in my being during and after our session. Things just shifted and I don’t "have to do any work" to feel peaceful, spacious and really connected to myself since then.
I’ve been working on my cptsd for three years now, solidly investigating and searching for some relief, running the full range of supplements, meditation, reike, trips interstate to try and find the help to heal me. After 90 minutes with Beanie I have found my way, I’m going to be ok. Thanks Beanie for your vision and solutions for me. It’s almost unbelievable.
I can’t wait to
work with you.
Beanie xx Coral
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