Symphony of Sound with Beanie + Nic

Sound is our Vice.

Many years ago  Beanie was a DJ, and Nicola was a singer songwriter.  Their love of music has never changed, especially when  their journey took a more spiritually awakened and connected  path and direction.

Now, today.. Beanie and Nic, have created what they call “Sound Symphony”. With the use of Electronic sounds, ancient musical instruments such as Crystal Bowls, Didgeridoo, Flutes and whatever else they can get there hands onto … you are transported to a place where only you know.  It’s where your heart surrenders, the love for yourself is felt and you can finally feel the reconnection of who you are coming back into your cells…

Whether you have done sound before, our events are a safe space for you to relax and unfold to whatever feels right for you in that moment.  Often we enjoy Cacao as a heart opener prior to event and finish with some treats at the end, to assist with grounding.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our events very soon.  ❤️ Bean and Nic

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Symphony Of Sound+ BREATH-3

Symphony of Sound 
19th MARCH

We are SUPER excited to be joining forces with our wonderful sister Sammy Josephine for our Breath and Symphony of Sound Event.

Sammy has been facilitating Breathwork for the past 9yrs, formally trained in 1:1 rebirthing style Breathwork and Breath of Bliss group ceremonies & facilitation; she is also a Sound Alchemist, Spiral Practitioner & Soul Alignment Coach

We will commence with a ceremonial acknowledgement of Cacao and all her offerings to the heart, then followed by Breathwork and concluding with Sound Symphony to continue your beautiful journey within….

We will also offer some delights to share and come together at the end, grounding our experience and sharing if we feel called.

We can’t wait to Journey with you at the very special event.
Nic + Beanie and Sammy xxx

**19th March BRISBANE***



DISCOYOGA + Symphony of Sound
13th May


We are finally making this happen…. Yew!!!

DiscoYoga is all about Joy.. and we are so excited that  our good friend and Founder of DiscoYoga Nickie Handley is able to bring it to one of our events!

Nickie’s yoga journey began in 2005 and has  evolved from there , taking DiscoYoga to the  St Kilda Festival and  teaching regularly at Melbournes Inner City Studios. 

We will power up this event with DiscoYoga – will Beanie on the Decks, followed by Symphony of Sound, Cacao and some home made delights to complete this magical event.

**13th May    GOLD COAST **

What other people have to say

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Ripped green paper
Thank you so much Beanie for helping me on Wednesday. This weekend I was able to approach my family with nothing but love and every time my mum made a sh*t comment at me I was able to not bite or respond and she eventually stopped making them.
I am truly having an awakening of sorts with all of this work. It is a journey well worth continuing on.
I know that you will not be surprised to learn that I felt huge shifts in my being during and after our session. Things just shifted and I don’t "have to do any work" to feel peaceful, spacious and really connected to myself since then.
I’ve been working on my cptsd for three years now, solidly investigating and searching for some relief, running the full range of supplements, meditation, reike, trips interstate to try and find the help to heal me. After 90 minutes with Beanie I have found my way, I’m going to be ok. Thanks Beanie for your vision and solutions for me. It’s almost unbelievable.
I can’t wait to
work with you.
Beanie xx Coral
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