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Whether it’s 5 people or 100… Nothing makes my heart dance more than teaching people better ways to see, be and feel.

Over the last few years people have started to invite me to their workplaces, events and Retreats to share the powerful, yet simple ways they can be the best version of themselves. 

And it seems too have be come a thing…. 

Soooo if you’d like me to present my thing at your thing, we should talk


-Mindfulness-presence and the power of communication (This is for everyone who breathes) 

-Emotional Intelligence and communication and how it can benefit your workplace and life (You can’t really have one without the other) 

-Sound healing and meditation workshops 

What other people have to say

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Thank you so much Beanie for helping me on Wednesday. This weekend I was able to approach my family with nothing but love and every time my mum made a sh*t comment at me I was able to not bite or respond and she eventually stopped making them.
I am truly having an awakening of sorts with all of this work. It is a journey well worth continuing on.
I know that you will not be surprised to learn that I felt huge shifts in my being during and after our session. Things just shifted and I don’t "have to do any work" to feel peaceful, spacious and really connected to myself since then.
I’ve been working on my cptsd for three years now, solidly investigating and searching for some relief, running the full range of supplements, meditation, reike, trips interstate to try and find the help to heal me. After 90 minutes with Beanie I have found my way, I’m going to be ok. Thanks Beanie for your vision and solutions for me. It’s almost unbelievable.
I can’t wait to
work with you.
Beanie xx Coral
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